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What is reply.id’s Gmail filter?

At Reply.id we created a smart Gmail filter that detects recruiting emails. It analyzes your inbox with an AI algorithm, marks all recruiting letters, and puts them into the “Job Proposal” folder in your inbox. We also send an auto reply with a link to your bot to all recruiting emails.

What happens to non-recruiting emails?

Nothing! These emails never stay on our servers. Reply.id never stores any email that is not marked as “Job Proposal.” Security and privacy are our top priority.

How does your AI algorithm work?

The Reply.id machine learning model is made using python, competing models of sentence embeddings, convolutional neural network, and gradient boosting that is used for binary classification of a response.

How can you prove that it’s not fake human-powered AI?

Upload the email subject and body below and push the button. In milliseconds you will see the result. Humans can’t label letters so fast :)